Learn how you can benefit from a new flooring installation in Miami, FL

Make Your Space Look Nicer

If you need to have a little bit of work done on your kitchen or bathroom, we've got you covered. GRS Group Inc is your source for convenient flooring, cabinet and countertop installation services in the Miami, FL area. It can sometimes be difficult to find a company that's willing to take on smaller jobs, but we'll do whatever you need.

You can also count on us to install new appliances. Schedule an appointment today to get your flooring installation taken care of.

Our customers hire us for several reasons

Our customers hire us for several reasons

No matter your reasons for hiring us, we're confident you'll be impressed by our work. We handle everything from painting to countertop installation. You should call us if:

  • You want to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom a bit
  • Your existing flooring is looking scuffed and scratched
  • You'd like to have more storage installed

We'll work efficiently to complete the job in as short a time as possible. Get high-quality flooring installation services when you contact us today.